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Usage via WWW (webmail)

  • How do I access my mailbox using a Web browser?

    Enter the following address into your Web browser: www.poczta.heyah.pl. In the login box insert your username (your phone number) and a password. How to get the password read the information on web page www.poczta.heyah.pl.

  • How do I use an anti spam filter?

    Anti spam filter must be switched on to serve its purpose. To switch it on, go to the Settings tab, select in the left menu ‘Filtr antyspamowy’ (‘Anti spam filter’), and then tick the box ‘Filtr włączony’ (‘Filter on’) and click ‘Zapisz zmiany’ (‘Save changes’). Various configuration parameters allow for the management of the security level. We recommend the following parameters setting: • Security level -> Normal • Anti spam operations -> Moving to the ‘Spam’ folder (Spam catalogue will show up on the folder list upon receipt of a first email classified as spam) If the security level is higher than normal, it may turn out that some messages which are not spam will be classified as such. If the security level is lower than normal, the number of spam in your inbox may increase. If you tick the ‘Delete messages’ option, a message classified as spam will be deleted from your mail, and you will not be able to retrieve it. To facilitate the filter management, a mechanism of black and white lists has been made available. If a sender has been entered on a black list, all emails from that person will be treated as spam. If, in turn, a sender has been entered on a white list, then messages coming from that person will not be checked by the anti spam filter.